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Profit: $4000
Quote: "Great analysis day in and day out. The key is to stay disciplined and with guidance from Horse Racing Genius this is made easy"

Aled Denton

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Profit: $750
Quote: "Very detailed explanation and cannot fault the research, higher staked plays more often than not are accurate."

Mark N

Quote: "In 50 years of punting in UK and now Oz, you are the most reliable betting advice service I have ever come across"


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Quote : "Since I joined I have made back the price of membership many times over through the Genius' winning tips. The Horse Racing Genius doesn't just tip favourites, but is able to identify real value in the market, allowing me to add these tips to my Quaddies for some juicy returns. "


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Quote: "Best service you can find. The SMS service provides the most efficient  communication of recommendations, whilst the instructions are clear-cut  and easy to use. Would recommend to all!"

Jackson Strangward

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Quote: "Horse racing Genius makes betting on horses easy!, adding their tips into trifectas and quinellas equals $$$$"

Tim Lowe

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Profit: $800
Quote: "HRG provides an excellent long term strategy for serious punters who aren't looking for the next "good thing". I've seen an excellent ROI over the past 10 months through proper staking and bank roll management, not to mention the tips at huge odds like Spinning Tune & Sacred Falls both >$40 winners. HRG has to be one of the best tipsters out there, and i'll continue to use him until he's no longer making me money!"

Steve Tratt

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Profit: Last Saturday I won $350
Quote: "The Horse Racing Genius product offers ease of use for any sort of punter. For the emailed best bets, the betting race is clearly laid out with the horse(s) name and number. The recommended betting stake and agency is also clearly stated, with a detailed description below of the reasons why this horse ought to be backed. Most importantly, the Horse Racing Genius Product actually wins, and is becoming increasingly more exciting with new innovations such as a SMS system providing last-minute racing information based upon critical analysis of the days racing. Last Saturday I won about $350. As my betting banks is significantly bigger than previously."

Aaron De Wit

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Quote: "Text messages on the weekend were great."

Todd Jarvis

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Profit: $15,000 profit

Joe D

Quote: "If you’re a punter, following The Trial Files is a must!!!”


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Quote: "Fantastic tips with quick customer service when required"

James Aloni

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Profit: $2000 profit
Quote: "HRG is a rapidly improving service; high quality tips and analysis accross a variety of platforms. "


Quote: "If you’re serious about making money on the punt, these are the crew to follow”


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Profit: $1300
Quote: "Giving frequent tips and write detailed analysis in choosing which horses and why. "

Nick Parsell

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Profit: $3000 - starting with $1000 now 400%ROI
Quote: "Saturdays bets generally come a day or two early allowing punters to get best fixed odds. Mixture of favorites and long shots"

Mick Norbs

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Profit: $500
Quote: "There's nothing better than making money with someone else doing all the research."


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Quote: "someone that enjoys reading the form, the ratings information is invaluable when it comes to helping pick a winner and also knowing which race to bet in, and probably more importantly, which race not to bet in."