About Us

Who is The Genius?

Contrary to popular belief, The Genius is not an individual but a syndicate of specialised sports and horse racing investment experts. Together with highly qualified marketing, admin, support, technology, content and mathematics teams, the Genius brand is made available to the public by membership.

Before being accepted into the Genius brand as a tips provider, each individual is put through a rigorous selection and audit process, to ensure that the Genius brand maintains its position as an industry leading horse racing tipping, analysis and content provider.

Chief Horse Racing Genius Analyst

Our chief form analyst Mat (with Horse Racing Genius since Mid-August 2014), has been a racing enthusiast for many years who is also involved in the ownership of a number of horses. Mat started out doing form analysis before developing a sophisticated program that uses a combination of Speed/Sectional analysis, Weight/Class ratings and Historical data to calculate a set of ratings and prices that form the basis of his selections.

After calculating the ratings we then break down each race creating Speed Maps and looking for horses suited by the pace and running positions and compare these to our ratings. Our selections will generally have a preference for horses that have shown the ability to run fast closing sectionals, especially if they are able to race close to the speed. We try to look for value away from the favourites as quite often the best results come from investing each way on horses with high speed ratings that the market is not aware of. However, we will select the early favourite on occasions where we can obtain good value.

Our primary goal is to beat the market over the long term by successfully selecting horses before the general betting public and thus obtain a higher price than the eventual Starting Price. The early markets are sometimes very inefficient (less accurate prices) especially if Bookmakers don’t agree on the chances of certain horses, this is where we can (and do) strike some very big overlays. As it gets closer to race time, the markets move towards efficiency (more accurate prices) and most of the time our selections are much shorter than the price we obtained. If we can be successful in our endeavours and be right a sufficiently high percentage of the time, our chances of making a long term profit for our members is greatly enhanced.